Fiancé/e Visas

It is not always possible to first marry your loved one and then file a family petition based on marriage. It may be that you do not have time to take off from your job to go and get married abroad. Or you may not have the time to comply with the often lengthy, bureaucratic requirements that other countries have in order for you to marry. If you are a United States citizen, you may be able to bring your loved one to the United States on a Fiancé (e).

Legal Requirements:

  • A fiancé(e) of  U.S. Citizen
  • Both are free to marry (i.e. all previous marriages have ended legally or due to death of former spouse)
  • Intent to marry within 90 days of fiance’e entry
  • Have met in person within 2 years of filing the petition (unless doing so would violate “strict and long established customs of beneficiary’s foreign culture or social practice.”)
  • U.S. Citizen must provide criminal record, if any.
  • U.S. Citizen must demonstrate that s/he has the financial ability to support fiancé (according to Poverty Guidelines established by the U.S. Government)

Being separated from a loved one can be stressful to you as an individual and on your relationship. Working with an experienced immigration attorney will help ensure that your petition is approved by USCIS without problems. This will allow you and your fiancé (e) to be reunited quickly.

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For further information or questions please schedule a consultation in our Alexandria, Virginia office.

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