Juvenile Defense

If your minor child is charged with delinquency, is deemed to be a Child in Need of Supervision, or is accused of adult criminal conduct, you need the services of attorneys who are familiar with how the juvenile court system works. Hainer Porras LLC frequently serve in area juvenile courts and represent both children or their family members. We encounter cases where families are often faced with making  life altering decisions, and we understand the important procedural differences that set the juvenile court system apart from adult court.

Juvenile court is intended to provide an opportunity for the minor to rehabilitate and to partake of resources that foster development and reduce the likelihood of re-offending.   Juveniles have rights at every stage of the court proceedings: to know the nature of the allegations against them; to be represented by counsel; to have a speedy trial; to confront and cross-examine witnesses; to introduce evidence; and to refrain from testifying against themselves. But, without the assistance of qualified and effective legal counsel, your child will face obstacles protecting his or her rights in juvenile court proceedings. A child in the juvenile justice system could face incarceration, the loss of educational opportunities, suspension of a driver’s license or delay in the ability to get a license and out-of-home as well as alternative school placements.

The attorneys at Hainer Porras LLC will look for ways to achieve dismissal of your child’s juvenile charges; or, seek alternative solutions that could result in records expungement or sealing. As seasoned defense attorneys and certified guardians ad litem for children we have the knowledge and experience to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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